What is a My Life & Stories Memoir Mentor?

A My Life & Stories Memoir Mentor is a helper; you help clients audio record their life stories.

As a My Life & Stories Memoir Mentor you make it easier for clients to remember and to tell their stories in a clear and easy to listen to manner.

Are there any additional fees?

There are no additional fees for the program beyond your initial fee.

It is a one-time investment.

What do I get for my one-time investment?

You get:

1. Your own branded web site with your photo, your name and your contact information.

2. Your own Back Office where you can keep all your records and stay in control of your business  

3. The tools, resources and training you need including:

  • Marketing materials
  • Presentation materials
  • Guidelines to help your clients prepare for their recording sessions
  • Terms and Conditions  
  • A complete self-paced training program that includes how to market your services.
What is a branded website?

Your personal web site to help you market your services. We will insert your name and contact information and your photo.

Will I have to sell my services?

We want to be clear about this: to be successful you will have to reach out to potential clients and their adult children.

But most of what you will do is marketing. No cold calling.

We provide you with a complete set of marketing materials (emails, PowerPoints and suggestions for building your business).

This is not a hard sell. My Life and Stories is an attractive and interesting service.

When you explain what you can do for clients many will be interested. But, as always, there will be those who say no. That’s fine.

The market is huge and when you follow our suggested marketing and sales guidelines you should do very well over time.

How long does it take to audio record a memoir?

Every client is different.

Some clients can talk for hours without getting tired. If so, it may take one or two sessions to record their memoir.

Other clients may need shorter sessions.You and your clients will decide how long and how many sessions are needed.

Expect two to three one-hour visits at a minimum but more if needed.

What else do I have to purchase?

If you decide to visit clients and do not already have this equipment, you will need:

• A laptop computer (Mac or PC)
• Or, a desktop computer
• A Smartphone (Apple or Android)
• A microphone (if you plan to record on site. You won't need a mic if you just use Zoom or Skype)*
• A jack (same as above)*
• Audio editing software (We suggest a free app called Audacity. We show you how to use it)

*The microphone and jack are not expensive.

Why are memoirs audiotaped (instead of written or videotaped)?

Written or videotaped memoirs are VERY expensive. The cost (often starting at $5,000 and up) is far too much money for most people.

Written memoirs often require an editor or ghostwriter.

Videotaped memoirs require camera people and editing.

Both are very time consuming and expensive.

Audiotaped memoirs can be completed at a much, much lower cost and much faster than the other options.

Many more people can consider an audiotaped memoir because the cost is so reasonable. That makes your market much larger than the other methods.

And audiotaped memoirs are just as valuable.

Think about how many people listen to podcasts. Or the radio.

An audiotaped memoir is just as enjoyable and will be cherished just as much as the more expensive approaches.

What is the My Life & Stories ‘system?'

The My Life & Stories system is as follows:

  • You meet with your client to explain the process and set a schedule
  • You help your client prepare for the audiotaped sessions
  • You complete the audiotaped sessions with your client
  • You edit out mistakes and add chapter titles
  • You deliver the completed memoir to your client.
Can I do recordings remotely (if we are still
doing social distancing?)

Yes, indeed, you can complete memoir audio recordings remotely.

There are two ways:

1. Use a conference call app such as Zoom. You can audiotape the calls. (We show you how; it's easy)

2. Use your SmartPhone to record the calls.

People can do this on their own so why would they pay me?

Sure, people can do this on their own.

But they will quickly find out that it is not as easy as it seems. And, they will see that they need help.

They need someone (you) to help them prepare, to prompt their memories and round out their stories and edit out mistakes and start-overs.

In other words, they need a mentor; a My Life and Stories Memoir Mentor - YOU!!!

They will be so glad they hired you. You will have helped them do something that will delight their family for generations to come. A great legacy. A great gift.