1. Introduction to My Life and Stories Training


You made a wise decision to become a memoir mentor using the My Life and Stories memoir mentoring process.

Our training program will teach you everything you need to know and do to feel confident and to be successful.

At your own pace

You can complete the training as quickly (or slowly) as you wish.

We suggest taking your time and making sure you do plenty of practice.

Knowing for sure that you ‘got it.’

The best way to know if you really can use the skills in this training program is to be able to do them without hesitation or confusion.

If you can, try teaching the skills to someone else. 

Ask yourself: Am I able to do this without hesitation or confusion? If not, go back and try again.

Complete all modules to get the full ‘picture’

You will need to complete the entire training program to understand and to do every step in the process. 

Only after you complete all modules will you understand how it all comes together.

Don’t be concerned. It is not confusing. And it’s not hard. You’ll get it. And you’ll have fun.

How the training is set out

You will complete 9 training modules.

Here’s what is in each module and what you’ll learn:

  • Module One: How to Prepare Your Client for Their Recording Sessions

  • Module Two: How to Set Up and Use Recording Equipment and Software

  • Module Three: How to Record a Memoir Session

  • Module Four: How to Start a Recording Session

  • Module Five: How to Conduct a Memoir Interview

  • Module Six: How to Make it Easier for Your Client to Talk Openly

  • Module Seven: How to Edit and Deliver a Memoir

  • Module Eight: How to Market and Sell Your Services

  • Module Nine: How to Avoid Problems and Keep Clients Happy

  • The Importance of Practice

Each module has lots of opportunities for practice.

We encourage you to do as much practice as possible until you can do things without hesitation and without confusion.